Data networks are a strategic asset on all our campuses — almost equivalent to water, heating, and electrical service.  Modern schools do not operate effectively today without a fast, reliable network to support staff and student devices used in learning.  Our deanery schools use well over 3,000 laptops, desktops, and tablets in instruction, including in student 1:1 programs.

The Tech Office has established data networking as a top priority for the deanery.  We have made great progress upgrading our campus networks to enterprise-class equipment and service.  This is a major initiative with a long way to go yet.  The scope of this work includes:

  • Physical infrastructure: power, cabling, racks, cooling
  • Enterprise-grade core switching equipment
  • Wireless network equipment
  • Firewall devices with content filtering and malware software
  • Business-class, fiber-based Internet service — with fault tolerance and high availability features
  • Network management and security software to support operations

The Tech Office has led multiple network upgrades on our campuses, partially funded with Federal rebates under the E-Rate program.   These upgrades have dramatically improved the reliability and capacity of our networks, with a positive impact in our classrooms.

Our long-range plan includes:

  • Phase 1 — Upgrade all campuses from consumer-grade networks to enterprise-grade
  • Phase 2 — Centralized network management across all campuses with full-time Tech Office staff and vendor support
  • Phase 3 — Upgrade network security systems and establish a central Security Operations Center

Contact the Tech Office for help with your data networking projects.