Electronic data is increasingly important to our operations:

  • Information about students such as contact information, grades, and health records
  • Data on parish members
  • Records on school families including address, children, and financial information
  • Parish and school financial records
  • Student assessment results reported to the State of Indiana

This information is subject to a growing set of Federal and State law intended to protect privacy and support government processes.  This data is also subject to a wide range of security threats, including hacking, ransomware and unintended deletion.  Failure to protect this data can lead to termination of grants on which our schools are dependent.

The Tech Office can provide assistance in assessing your needs in data management, and helping you plot a path forward.  Our long-term plan includes the addition of resources to the Tech Office with deep skills in data management and analysis, who can take ownership of complex data processes on our campuses in a shared-cost model. Contact the Tech Office for details.