Communications is one of the Church’s most important activities.  In the modern world, online communications are increasingly important to our mission.  The Tech Office helps parishes and schools to be effective in a complex and rapidly-changing digital landscape.

Our services focus on three areas:

  • Web sites
  • Social media
  • Collaboration tools

A few years ago, it was sufficient for a parish to have a Web site and a parish email list.  Today that is only the beginning.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are common — and large parishes have multiple accounts to manage.  Ministries have their own needs beyond the parish sites.  Potential new parishioners and school parents will visit your Web site and social media before they ever set foot on campus– these are your new front doors.

Collaboration tools such as Signup Genius, Skype and Google Hangouts are also transforming parish and school life.  These tools enable more efficient volunteer coordination, online meetings and staff teamwork.  These tools must be integrated into the overall strategy for digital communications.

The Tech Office has worked with several parishes and schools on digital communications, and can help with:

  • Web site projects — we maintain relationships with multiple vendors that can help with design, implementation,  hosting and maintenance
  • Communication strategy and plans — develop an integrated approach to all online channels
  • Training workshops — 1/2-day seminar for staff to understand the digital landscape and options
  • Marketing and graphic design — connect with volunteers and vendors that can assist with digital content development