The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) is launching a new portal for families with information on all schools in Indiana that report data to the State. This information includes enrollment trends, student performance on State exams, and graduation data. Links to our North Deanery schools and other schools of interest are included below.

This portal is managed by the State Office of Accountability in IDOE, which is responsible for reporting on school performance at both the Federal and State levels. Catholic schools that participate in the State’s School Choice Program are registered with the State, and most report student performance data. The data contained in this portal goes into more detail than the high-level metrics reported in the past such as the state letter grades on school performance. We think this portal will quickly become a source for families in comparing and selecting schools for their children, and also for deeper public analysis of school performance.

Here is a link to the INview portal. Here is a description of the INview portal from the IDOE.

Schools of Interest

Archdiocesan Schools

MSD Washington

MSD Lawrence

Other Schools