The Tech Office requires antivirus/malware scanning on all Windows devices in the deanery.  We have arranged discounted licensing on top-quality products to perform this function. This licensing is available to all deanery campuses; contact the Tech Office for pricing and information.  We use a cloud-hosted service that includes a centralized monitoring dashboard. Parish tech staff can quickly see the status of all their devices, and the Tech Office can centrally monitor all devices across the deanery as well.  We maintain research into the available products to select options that are a good tradeoff of price and performance.

The Tech Office also encourages MalwareBytes for Apple Mac OSX products.  This includes all Macbooks and iMacs. This free product is supported by Apple as a way to eliminate common malware that infects Mac devices. This malware can cause a variety of issues with your Mac.

Antivirus/malware scanning occurs at multiple levels in most environments, such as on the e-mail service and at the firewall.  However, there is no substitute for scanning on the client device, especially for Windows.  Malware infections can cause extensive damage to your school or parish — so these tools are a critical part of any security strategy.