The Tech Shop sells used technology from our deanery parishes and schools. This helps our schools

  •  Raise funds to support new technology purchases
  •  Reduce clutter in our buildings
  •  Care for the environment by allowing others to re-use working equipment, rather than throwing it away

Please support our parishes and schools by purchasing some of our equipment!

Tech Shop Gear List

Contact the Tech Shop to make purchases.

Selling Your Equipment

Have some old equipment cluttering up your school or parish? We can help you turn it into cash!

Send us an inventory of what you want to sell. We need to know basic information that you would place in an ad:

  • Type of equipment
  • Model numbers so people can look it up
  • Basic stats — for computers, CPU type, RAM, disk space, OS, etc.
  • Condition: is it working or not?  We can sell non-functional equipment to people that may fix it
  • Any other key facts about it. What would you want to know if you were buying it?

We like to offer used equipment at a big discount to our school communities, so send us an email distribution list to use!

We will work out with you the logistics of getting the equipment into the hands of the buyers. Normally it’s best for us to have some of the inventory at the BCHS Tech Counter, which is Tech Shop Central.

We will manage the cash flow through BCHS accounting, and cut a check to your school once the equipment is sold.