Many aspects of physical security on our campuses now involve technology.  These include:

  • Security cameras — frequently IP-based and connected to digital video recording/playback equipment
  • Alarm systems — for fire, break-ins, and other threats
  • Access systems — electronically-controlled access to buildings and rooms
  • Public address systems

All of these systems can now be monitored remotely over an Internet connection.  Many require telephone lines to operate, for emergency calls and notifications.  As security becomes more important to school operations, the complexity of these systems is increasing.

The Tech Office recommends developing an integrated approach to these systems over time.  Software is now available to provide a single portal that manages all of these systems together.  This should be in every school and parish technology plan.  This improves security and streamlines access to information, which is critical to first responders during an event. Contact the Tech Office for more information about options that are available for your use.