Repair services are critical to support our student device programs. Student equipment suffers a 5-25% breakage rate annually, depending on the type of device.  Staff devices also require repairs.  The Tech Office has negotiated substantial discounts with local repair vendors to perform this work for our schools and parishes — contact us for details.

Our deanery work with these vendors tends to focus on Apple iPads that are out of their AppleCare warranty period.  These vendors are also capable of repairing Mac and Windows laptops, Chromebooks, smart phones, and other types of equipment.  (Some of our schools perform their own Chromebook repairs in-house.)  Replacing an iPad screen is difficult and expensive work — and easy to do wrong, especially on the latest models. Our vendors do top-quality work for us, and our devices come back in excellent condition.

Our vendors have extended our deanery discounts to all our parish and school families — contact us for details on how to engage them for your personal device repairs.