Information security is a top priority for the Tech Office.  The threat level from hacking, malware, and information theft is increasing for our parishes and schools just as it is in our personal lives.  Security is an area of increasing investment on our campuses.

Increasing the security of our schools and parishes begins with an assessment.  The Tech Office has its own assessment process, developed with the help of consultants and deanery volunteers.  Our assessment explores:

  • Data network security
  • Data storage systems and backups
  • Systems and processes that use student data and other private information
  • Digital communication channels to the staff
  • Staff awareness and training on security topics

At the end of the assessment, we will sit down with you to review our report, and talk about next steps to improve your security stance.

It is critical for our campuses to assess their security every one or two years.  Changes in our technology and in the external threats that exist both drive the need for continuing assessment.