Keeping good electronics out of the landfill

Here is what we currently have available in the Tech Shop:


  • Macbook Pro Laptops — 2011/12 models, used, fair to good condition.
  • Desktops — IBM Thinkcenter, Pentium CPU, 1 GB RAM, no disk.  2002 vintage.  Three available, from St Thomas Aquinas School.  $25 each.  The case alone is worth more than that!


  • Wireless display controllersWePresent WiPG-1500 and TWP-1000.  These devices allows wireless connections to a monitor. Used for conference room displays, works with both Windows and Apple devices.  Connect multiple people to the monitor wirelessly, and the presenter controls.  This and the model below are a generation back from the current state-of-the-art, but work well.  New models are $800+, selling these for $100 each.  We have two, from BCHS.
  • Desktop monitorsAcer B193 15″ displays, 2009 vintage.  DVI-D and VGA inputs, in good condition.


Other Equipment

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