All our parishes and schools participate in the Church’s universal mission to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our communities.  The mission statement is only the beginning, however: it must be supported with strategy and plans in many areas.  The Tech Office helps parishes and schools develop strategy and plans with respect to technology.

Technology is a strategic element that supports every aspect of parish and school operations.  Schools cannot function today without an extensive technology infrastructure.  Archdiocesan schools are required to have a multi-year strategic plan, and a technology plan aligned to it.  Parishes are also required to create these plans for their operations.

The Tech Office participates with parish and school staff as a team member on strategy development exercises.  Our services include:

  • Attending Pastoral Council, School Commission, Finance Council, Tech Committee and strategy team meetings
  • Providing meeting facilitation and planning processes
  • Providing templates for technology plan documents
  • Delivering technology expertise in specific areas of need
  • Identifying volunteer tech experts from deanery parishes that can fill gaps in planning processes

Contact the Tech Office as you are beginning the development of your parish/school strategy and technology plans for assistance.